SPANSH 81 - Table Talk and Food Writing




Description: From classroom to kitchen, picnic or café, this advanced language and food culture course will examine the Spanish table, its history and origins, expansions and innovations, from medieval times to present-day molecular gastronomy. Frequent reading, viewing and writing assignments and classroom discussion are all designed to reinforce language skills and academic literacy in the target language. The course, along with all materials and assignments, is entirely in Spanish, primarily focusing on literary, historical, linguistic and sociological texts and topics from Spain –selections ranging from Harvard’s vast culinary collection to the most current media- with reference to Latin America and the Latino community in the United States, as well.
Course Notes: 6 hands-on cooking –and tasting- sessions are included each semester. Enrollment is limited to 16. Interested students must contact and interview with Dr. Liander before January 20, 2018.