ROM-LANG 210: Language Pedagogy: Theories, Approaches, and Practices






Description: This course is designed for TFs and TAs in the department of Romance Languages and Literatures who are teaching a Romance language at Harvard for the first time, or those who are interested in foreign language learning and teaching. It introduces TAs and TFs to theories of second language acquisition (SLA) and explores their implications for the teaching of foreign language, culture, and literature. The course provides opportunities for students to learn to enact the specific pedagogical practices deemed essential to foreign language teaching. The intensive week before the start of classes includes reports on and discussion of general SLA theories and demonstrations and analysis of varied instructional approaches.

Course Notes: Students are required to attend the pre-service seminar that will take place the week before classes begin. Students who do not attend the pre-service seminar will not be permitted to enroll in the course. For details and further information, please contact the Course Heads. May be taken SAT/UNS. Permission of Course Head required.