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A Turbulent Decade Remembered. Scenes from the Latin American Sixties
Sorensen D. A Turbulent Decade Remembered. Scenes from the Latin American Sixties. Stanford University Press; 2007.Abstract
A Turbulent Decade Remembered studies the 1960s—the continental moment that marked Latin America's full entry into both modernity and post-modernity in the international arena. Delving into scenes of importance for the intersection of aesthetics and politics, the book addresses the impact of the Cuban Revolution on the imagination of the decade, the student movements of 1968 in their international context, and the tragic events of Tlatelolco, memorialized in different ways by Mexico's greatest intellectuals. In examining the construction of the great novels usually identified as the "Boom," the book revises the critical tradition established since the late sixties, rethinking the oft-cited "magical realism," while considering the role of the press, prizes, gendered networks of solidarity and competition, and the emergence of a literary star system. The implications of all these forces of the republic of letters are set in dialogue with an analysis of the major novels of the decade, with particular attention to their literary craft, their manipulation of space, voice, and varied readerships.
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Facundo and the Construction of Argentine Culture
Sorensen D. Facundo and the Construction of Argentine Culture. Austin: University of Texas Press; 1996.Abstract
Domingo F. Sarmiento's classic 1845 essay Facundo, Civilizacion y Barbarie opened an inquiry into the nature of Argentinian culture that continues to the present day. In this elegantly written study, Diana Sorensen Goodrich explores the varied, and often conflicting, readings that Facundo has received since its publication and shows how these readings have contributed to the making and remaking of the Argentine nation and its culture. Goodrich's analysis sheds new light on the intersection between canon formation and nation-building. While much has been written about Facundo as a primary text in Latin American letters, this is the first study that locates it within the problematics of canon formation and the cultural, social, and political contexts in which conflicting interpretations are constructed. This new approach to Facundo illuminates the interactions among institutions, cultural ideologies, and political life. This book will be important reading for everyone interested in questions of national identity and the institutionalization of a national tradition.